Zircera Multilayered Monolithic Crowns

These Zircera monolithic crowns were milled using our multilayer zirconia. They have many benefits over other types of restorations. Chip And Fracture Resistant These restorations were precision milled in house from shaded multilayered discs using the latest cad cam technology. Without any layered porcelain, delamination is a thing of the past. They have a flexural strength […]

Full arch implant restoration

Just completed another full arch metal free implant bridge. This was made with a cad cam designed and milled zirconia framework and layered with emax porcelain. Another happy patient!

Testimonial – Dr A K Mehan

“A-Ceramics Ltd is a courteous, approachable and established dental laboratory that has steadily grown in size and grown in line with the technological advances of recent years BUT has not grown apart from its clients despite such progress thus remaining a pivotal part of the dental team. No client is prejudiced against according to the […]