Caroline is a dynamic businesswoman. She was unhappy with her teeth. She came to see us here at the lab wanting a broader smile and whiter teeth. After her visit we put Caroline in touch with one of our dentists. We all discussed her case at length and she chose e.max restorations. Surgery work: Dr […]


Sonia had been concerned for a number of years that her upper anterior teeth were retroclined. Although unhappy, she wanted to keep tooth preparation to a minimum. She also commented that the 14 needed to blend in better. Wax ups were made on the 11, 12, 21 and 22. The teeth were minimally prepped. Surgery-constructed […]


Lynda was unhappy with her smile having had previous dental work done. After consultation with her dentist, a 12-unit metal-free zirconia bridge was prescribed on Ankylos implants. The model was cast and scanned. The margins defined and copings overlaid. The bridge was CAD/CAM designed. Now we have a good idea of what the final restoration […]