Emergency Denture Repairs

Emergency Denture Repairs

Fast denture repairs (within 1 hour)

Here at A-Ceramics Dental Laboratories we offer a friendly, efficient denture repair service. No appointment is necessary and many repairs can be carried out within the hour.

Dentures can become damaged for all sorts of reasons. Perhaps you’ve dropped them on to a hard surface while placing them in you mouth or cleaning them. Maybe you have a habit of grinding your teeth, which places strain on your dentures. You may even find that they have simply become worn down over time, exposed to sudden temperature changes or have a slightly poor fit which has placed stresses on certain parts.

Technician repairing broken dentures

While it’s tempting to try to repair your broken dentures yourself using superglue, getting your dentures repaired professionally will provide a much more secure and long-lasting fix, and should save you money in the longer term.

So if your dentures have become chipped, cracked or have teeth missing, A-Ceramics can usually make the necessary repairs within the hour. Call us today on 01706 880668 to discuss your denture repairs.

Free parking is available and we have a private waiting room for our customers.

  • No appointment necessary
  • Friendly, efficient service
  • Free parking
  • Private waiting room