Testimonial – Dr A K Mehan

Dr A K Mehan“A-Ceramics Ltd is a courteous, approachable and established dental laboratory that has steadily grown in size and grown in line with the technological advances of recent years BUT has not grown apart from its clients despite such progress thus remaining a pivotal part of the dental team. No client is prejudiced against according to the volume of work that it sends to the dental laboratory – each client is equally valued as an individual and given exemplary customer service.

Alan (the proprietor and Head Dental Technician) will always speak to you directly about any individual case and promptly. He will always offer you his honest professional advice and opinion thus giving appropriate constructive feedback without hesitation.

In addition to the above said customer service benefits offered by A-Ceramics Ltd, on a clinical note, the laboratory work is delivered on time (normally in advance of the return date), is of excellent quality and is rewarding to fit without any problems being anticipated.

The prices charged by A-Ceramics Ltd are very competitive and with everything you have to gain by using the services of this dental laboratory, in all truth, price really is not an issue and it becomes an obsolete factor when you know that you will have excellent customer service, quality laboratory work and ultimately peace of mind.

I have used the services of A-Ceramics Ltd for over 10 years and can wholeheartedly recommend them.”

Dr A K Mehan, Danesholme Dental Practice